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 Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!

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PostMan Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!

I had a shitty day. I need a vacation, very badly, and it doesn't look like I'm going to get one for another month. Originally, I had requested the first week of May off. No particular reason, I just figured that I would be climbing the walls after 5 months of working with no break.

Due to staffing, I can't take that week off. Hubby keeps badgering me though. He emails me today, "You'll have to let me know what's going on with your vacation so I can put in a request for mine."

In other words, I'm ready for a vacation, you just have to tell me when.

Well, we've already talked about this. It would be an irresponsible decision to take a vacation, as I don't have adequate coverage for that week. By "not adequate" I mean, I have 1 brand new part-time girl (who cannot work additional hours until the summer) and 2 full-timers that show up whenever the fuck they feel like it.

Hubby's attitude:

Well, no. As much as I like to pretend that I can just sit at home while my department crashes and burns, I am actually responsible for providing adequate staffing -- even when I'm not there. So, no it's really my problem.

My manager has a manager too. When she runs out of her staff because of poor decision-making, she doesn't get to pass that off to her boss and say, "Well, your problem now! I'm off to Bermuda." Cool

It works the same way for me.

My solution: If you need time off that bad, then just take some damn time off and leave me the fuck alone.

His response:

Really? Is that the worst problem you can think of?
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Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF! :: Comments

Re: Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!
Post on Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:55 am by Hangers
ugh. That was a major aggravation back when I was working. L would either schedule his vacation so far in advance there was no hope I'd know that early if I could get off, or he'd wait until the last damn minute due to HIS work schedule to take it, and I'd end up either a) having to call in sick and pretend I hadn't been at the deer lease/water park/ whereever all weekend or b) listen to him bitch about how he'd spent his 'ONLY TWO DAYS OFF THIS YEAR ALONE WAHWAHWAH..."


I can see how you have to make sure your staff is covered...what's the point in taking a vacation to come back to more stress than when you left ya know?
Re: Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!
Post on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:42 am by Kapi
do you have any idea when you will be able to take some time off? Are you hiring more staff? Or just hoping the ones you have now will eventually shape up?
Re: Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!
Post on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:50 am by ronin
And it would Hangers. One or both of my full-timers would call in sick. One of them maliciously does it. I'm actually thinking about starting a bet with my manager this morning that she'll call in today. Today is going to be like getting a root canal in Hell.

I'm going to be super-pleasant all day long. angel

Kapi: We are also in the process of hiring a new guy. If everything goes right, he'll be starting that week. I can't have a new employee start when I'm not there.

When I say "can't," I damn well mean can't, not won't.

We've got one more to hire, and will probably have in place by the middle of May. I can take vacation after that.

It makes more sense to do that anyway, since my current part-timer will be out of school at the time and will be able to work a full week. I'll need her to. Currently she can't work Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Hubby whines about the car more than being alone. He doesn't even like me going in on Saturdays by myself, so he winds up working the same 50-hour week I do.

Well, you're doing it to yourself, dummy. angry

He even has a laptop that he can work from in his office.....must be nice. angry

I'm just frustrated with him right now, because he can really just take some damn time off and just won't. I can't. There's a difference.
Re: Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!
Post on Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:10 am by Hangers
Ronin- I had both my full timers call in sick to corporate on a Saturday even though I was on bereavement for a funeral.

I got called and told to get my ass to my branch- by a corporate lawyer no less, and that since L and I weren't married yet and it was his relative my bereavement was officially cancelled.

Yea, I had to miss a relatives funeral because they were pissed I had "gotten a day off"...even though as management I wasn't REQUIRED to work weekends, I just did it to be nice. lol

People suck.

He really won't just take a DAY off because of the CAR? That's a bit silly Embarassed
Re: Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!
Post on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:53 am by asi9
Hangers wrote:

He really won't just take a DAY off because of the CAR? That's a bit silly Embarassed

I think he just wants you home with him... hey HEY hey
Re: Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!
Post on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:50 pm by ronin
No. Sad It really is about the car.
Re: Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!
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Man Up And Take A Damn Day OFF!

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